Kaohsiung Association for the Promotion of Women' s Rights

About Us

The Kaohsiung Association for the Promotion of Women’ s Rights (KAPWR) was established in 1999 by a group of academics, teachers, and experts from diverse fields. KAPWR strives to raise the standing of women in society, fight for the rights and welfare of all genders, and advance gender equity.

Our Values

Our focus is not limited to only women, KAPWR’ s work values men and other identities along the spectrum. We firmly believe that gender intersects with other social identities such as age, race, class, and sexual orientation. KAPWR envisions a world where every person, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is free and equal.

Our Focus

Awareness Work

For over twenty years, KAPWR has hosted gender awareness classes in a variety of formats including book clubs and film discussions. Our reach has expanded in recent years to include cooperation with government agencies to conduct gender mainstreaming courses, gender awareness courses for men, and incorporating more diverse perspectives on gender.

Gender, Image, and Health Education

KAPWR has hosted a summer program for adolescent girls on the body and gender awareness with special attention given to topics including: body image, sex education, gender temperatment, and menstruation. In addition, for adult women, KAPWR has hosted conferences on women' s health. We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and women, no matter what age, are able to fight for their own due rights.

Gender Education at the Community Level

KAPWR has worked hard to bridge resources conducive to gender equity throughout all areas of Taiwan. Our lecture series has allowed us to organize classes on topics such as celebrating family diversity and preventing gender-based violence not only in urban areas but, more importantly, in resource-scarce areas such as remote villages, fishing and farming villages, and even off-shore islands. By bringing gender education resources outside of the traditional classroom, we are able to work with different generations and backgrounds to understand and realize gender equity.

Curriculum Development and Lecturer Training

Through action research and pedagogy, KAPWR has developed teaching materials and tools that make gender equity education more approachable and engaging. We continue to train more lecturers to sow the seeds of gender equity education throughout Taiwan.


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